Welcome to support. We offer an extensive range of services and support facilities, from information and advice available to all users to specialised technical support for those customers paying specifically for support and maintenance.


Technical support

Technical support includes advice from our product experienced experts, product maintenance and upgrades.


Product maintenance and upgrades

We release new versions of all products regularly, these include service packs and new releases. You benefit from product upgrades and new releases by subscribing to Biosci’s support and maintenance service.



Our products a license managed and we offer flexible licensing arrangements ensuring the best solution for your needs.

There are separate license installation instructions for Genstat for Teaching & Learning



Additional documentation for our products can be found online.



There is rich and abundant functionality in all our products. We have training programmes that will help you realise the full benefits that the software can bring.

To subscribe to our support and maintenance service or for any general queries please contact us at