The handheld for Seed Inventory Management System (SIMS) was designed with user-friendly interface to support the user in their breeding activities with different functionalities that can perform on-site data adding, modifying, viewing, searching and barcode reading, which the data can be easily exchanged with BMS.

A mobile application for seed inventory management. It is customized to the stock inventory management and sales support. The data in SIMS is automatically synced with real-time database. Users could manage and tract their seeds in storage room with systematic platform in order to prevent the mistake from human error. It is supported multiple users in a big organization.


The process of identifying an individual, based on a email and password. User authentication for registered user and guest so it can allow to access to the data located with the database on the cloud. User registration with verification by e- mail.


Working with Excel

Import Excel – The apps can read data from the Excel file to perform withdrawing activity and update the withdrawal values.

Export Excel – export the updated amount to Excel file ver. 2003.


Withdraw Method 

The withdraw method with sliding circle is enable to work with the withdrawn amount that greater than planned. The user can edit the balance amount after withdrawing.


Cloud Storage

Back up data in Cloud Storage – Security and easy to back up the data via our Cloud Storage provide by Google.

Cloud Storage Management – Manage (View and remove) all of the data in Cloud Storage at the touch of a button.


Search function 

The searching function is available.


Barcode Reader 

SIMS can perform on-site data viewing, modifying, searching and barcode reading


More Configuration

The database structure is updated with new features that fit to the practical seed management. The ‘Available’ and other physical location of the seeds (‘Room’, ‘Shelf’, ‘Row’ and ‘Box’) were added.


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Android 5.0 and up


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Update on

3 November 2017