Day 1Day 2Day 3
Genstat basic introduction

- history and philosophy
- menus and command
- data input, validation and output
- calculations
- graphics

REML and meta analysis I

- relationship with analysis of variance
- modelling spatial correlations
- menus for automatic REML analysis

Regression and generalized linear models I

- linear regression calculations
- checking the assumptions
- linear regression with groups
- prediction

Anova and experiment design

- factorial designs
- blocking structures
- contrasts
- checking the assumptions

REML and meta analysis II

- REML meta analysis
- blocking structures
- GGE biplots

Regression and generalized linear models II

- log-linear models
- probit analysis and logistic regression

Practical sessionPractical session - Multivariate Analysis
- Cluster Analysis
- Repeated Measurements

Global Certificate exam