Mobile application developer

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Job Purpose 

Mobile application developer who is motivated to combine the art of design with the art of programming. Responsibilities will including the convert UI/UX design wire-frames and make it actual code that will produce visual elements of the application. Have a good knowledge on Cross-platform framework on Flutter (https://flutter.dev/) or React-Native (https://reactnative.dev/). Have a good understanding technologies inside the mobile phone, such as mobile operating-system, life-cycle, mobile hardware feature, mobile memory/storage management and can use the Flutter/React-Native to access the mobile device features (e.g. GPS, Camera, Compass, etc). Moreover, familiar with the Mobile network programming especially, Calling web-services/ APIs and know how to use 3rd-party APIs properly.

The Mobile application developer will work with non-technical staffs and bridge the gap between requirements/designs and technical implementation, taking an active role on both sides and defining how the application looks as well as how it works. Also working with other developers on Agile-development-process, so the Mobile application developer should understand the process of version-control (Git) and the Issue-tracking-system (e.g. JIRA) via sprint board and should have ability to teach/coach other developers in team about the project that they are working.

The Role 

  • Provide Mobile application development that follows the UX/UI design and delivery the application that represents the design plan. 
  • Develop Mobile application based on Flutter/React-Native.
  • Conduct a light-weight internal code review to validate compliance test-ability and also join the agile development pattern with other developers.
  • Develop and suggest alternative approaches to resolving problems on front end side.
  • Support other developers in team and have critical review for program and program needs.

Skills and Competencies 


  • Have 1-2 years experience working on Cross-platform development.
  • Medium-High understanding in Flutter/React-Native framework skill.
  • Medium-High familiar with Mobile device OS, life-cycle and mobile memory-management, mobile hardware features access.
  • Medium-High familiar with Network programming (e.g. Call API, Call 3rd libraries).
  • Working well with Git version control.

Nice to haves

  • Build the mobile application layout perfectly follow the designer plan.
  • Have a Maintenance mind-set that implemented source code should be easy to maintain in the future.
  • Have a skill on Test Driven Development pattern experience for User-interface.
  • Have a knowledge on JavaScript especially on ReactJS and React-Native (Can understand the source code)
  • Ability to teach other developers on working project.

Selling points

  • Speak English well.
  • Social character to fit in with the team.


  • Provident fund
  • Social security fund
  • Vacation based on years of service
  • Medical insurance 
  • Company annual bonus 
  • Personal Development Program for personal growth 
  • Potential for international travel and opportunity to explore the world 

Submit your resume with recent photo and expected salary to biosci@vsni.co.uk