E-learning Courses: Genstat and ASReml-R


A short introduction of ASReml-R

In this course we will focus on the fundamentals of using ASReml-R version 4 for the analyses of experimental data to fit models for biological studies and calculate BLUE and BLUP values.


Topics of the course

  1. Fitting LMM for a randomized block design
  2. Specify fixed or random effects for a block design
  3. Modelling heterogenous error structures
  4. Fitting a multilevel model for hierarchical structure
  5. Incorporating pedigree information in genetic model
  6. Accounting for correlated observations in LMM
  7. Modelling binomial data with GLM and GLMM


Statistical data analysis with Genstat

Genstat is a powerful statistical software package for all fields of research. It is a “ready to use” software package with a friendly user interface. With Genstat, a beginner can use both standard and advanced statistics.


Topics of the course

  1. Basic Genstat: starting with inputting, converting, importing, exporting data, creating graphs, one- and two- way ANOVA.
  2. Intermediate data analysis: contrast methods, data analysis in experimental designs such as split-plot design, stratified design, randomized block analysis, lattice design, spatial analysis, comparing random models (REML), and automated comparison of REML spatial models.
  3. Advanced data analysis: Some specific data analyses in medical science, biology, and agriculture such as repeated measures, automatic analysis of series of trials, probit analysis, dose-response analysis, generalized linear mixed models for (non)normal data, and animal model.


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