Random regression models (RRM) have become increasingly common when analysing longitudinal data or repeated records on individuals over time. Applications in animal breeding research are emphasized while recognizing that RRM are used in many biological situations including human health. It is an alternative way of analysing repeated measurement data and is also referred to as Random coefficients (slopes) Modelling and can be used when the research interest lies with relationship over time rather than at individual time points (time points may also be unevenly spaced.) Researchers like Davoud Ali Saghi and his team at the Khorasan Razavi Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Education Center have successfully applied random regression models to analyse the Kordi sheep growth. Reference

ASReml is heavily used within animal breeding for random regression models

ASReml is a powerful statistical software specially designed for mixed models using Residual Maximum Likelihood (REML) to estimate the parameters. It supports the analysis of big data with advanced statistics. ASReml has been successfully applied in various fields of research such as animal and plant breeding, agriculture, environmental sciences and medical science.

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