Doesn’t matter as researcher or breeder, as soon as we get data from MET (Multi-Environment-Trial) crop variety trials, we start to ask the question, which-won-where? It is hard to make sense of hundreds of numbers on a spreadsheet. We need many methods to summarize this data and help us make decisions, like which genotypes preformed best in which environments and which lines to advance to the next generation. We will also probably want to understand the nature of genotype by environment (GxE) interaction so we can respond to it or even take advantage of it. As we become more aware of the social side of variety development and deployment, we are thinking that ‘environment’ can include social dimensions. Then we can use GxE ideas to understand such things as how different social groups prefer and use different genotypes, and end up with a similar data analysis problem. Biplots are just one tool to provide you with this summary information.

Genstat GGE Biplot analysis is gaining more popularity because it has “point-and-click” functions for both AMMI and GGE biplots among other meta-analysis functions, with the additions such as drawing the average environmental axis. Genstat has advantage of handling missing data with REML method, which is significantly better than its counterpart using ANOVA like approach. With a growing awareness from the user community that new technologies can support and often provide more precise results, Genstat provides all the tools you need to ensure viable, effective results and forecasting. For more information about GGE Biplot with Genstat, please read the great work from Julia S., John D. and Pangirayi. To gauge the full potential why not try Genstat for yourself? HERE


  • Julia S., John D. and Pangirayi T.. (2010). Grain yield stability analysis of African maize hybrids in multi-environment trials based on the GGE biplot in Genstat. In 15th European Genstat and ASReml Applied Statistics Conference, 12.

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