At this moment, big data management is one of the greatest challenges in agriculture.  Digitalizing the data we once collected in paper form, is one of the most trivial but problematic steps towards big data in agriculture.

As a leader in new technologies for information management, we offer cutting-edge technology to help you manage, track and visualize your data in a systematic way.

Farm Trust is a mobile cloud system that provides data management solutions to all levels of users, from small-holders to large scale operators. This system helps you to capture real-time environmental and socio-economic data and identify patterns which provides support for efficient decision making.

We can help in these areas:

  • Commercial seed companies to improve the quality of seed production by monitoring their contract farmers in real-time.
  • Commercial seed distributors in monitoring their commercial seed distribution.
  • Assisting the breeders to provide decision support to the grower by collecting real-time growth related information.
  • We provide traceability for consumers from farmers to forks.
  • We will allow researchers to analyse real-time data sets on an unprecedented scale.
  • We can provide accurate yield prediction.


  • We can help reduce contamination of seeds and improve seed purity and crop uniformity.
  • We can improve the logistics behind your distribution methods and optimise marketing resource allocation.
  • Real-time growth information will improve potential yield and could reduce costs during cultivation.
  • We improve customer loyalty by providing transparency in food production.
  • This will provide the ability to create a precise impact assessment on production, management practices and agricultural policies.
  • We can help to match the supply with demand.