Biosci Data Analysis Service

In 2016, Biosci (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in Thailand in order to represent the technology and international network from VSN International Co., Ltd. and Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP).

Our partners are all experienced consultants who are data experts, statisticians, developers, implementation or commercial consultants; we are able to meet your needs and are able to train you to use the software or to help you with your data analysis projects.


We Put the Right Tools on the Right Desktop at the Right Time

We are Supported by Experienced Statisticians and Scientists

We Share Knowledges and Expertise


We cumulate the knowledge in data science generation by generation. Our expertise in statistics and data analysis will provide the ready results for your publication and research. You will receive high quality results with a reasonable offer. All analysis can reference to our software without software license obligation. Your data will be analyzed by our statisticians and data science experts consulting the DataLive alliance’s members including United Kingdom, China, Mexico and Thailand. You do not need to install any software on your computer or even learn how to use sophisticated software. Let us take care of your data.


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Target Groups

Universities, research institutions, laboratory, enterprises or individuals.


Service items

We provide mainly three categories of services:

I. Basis statistics and experiment design

II. Advanced statistical analysis

III. Integrated service solution

Analysis softwares: R, Genstat, ASReml

B001Basic statisticManage data, Illustrate data with graphics, Summarized and Compare data, Fitted distributions, Standard tests and Various non- parametric test
IB002Regression analysis Model relationships between variables by linear or nonlinear regression, Generalized linear models, Generalized additive models,
IB003Experiments design and analysisDesign investigations deciding on the sample size, or numbers of replicates, required to detect the anticipated treatment effects; analyse experiments, from one-way analysis of variance to complex designs with several sources of error variation
IIA001Multivariate analysisCanonical variates analysis, Principal components analysis, Principal coordinates analysis, Correspondence analysis, Partial least squares, Classification trees and Cluster analysis
IIA002Linear mixed modelRepeated measurements, Multivariate linear mixed model, Random Regression model, Spatial analysis, Generalized linear mixed model
IIA003Genotype-by-Eenvironment interactionAMMI, Finlay & Wilkinson analysis, Multiple experiments, Meta-analysis, GGE Biplot
IIA004Estimation of quantitative genetic parametersSire model, Animal model, Repeated measurement, Significance testing, Estimation of Heritability, Repeatability, or Correlation
IIA005Data analysis for GenomicsQTL mapping, Impacts of QTL by environment interactions, SNP association, GBLUP, Genomic selection
IIII001Modular and procedure designA process includes Data management, Process control, Statistical analysis and Generate report
IIII002Publication ServiceAccording to customer requirements, Complete the data analysis part in the research paper, Provide the report which contains the results of the analysis, interpretation, graphics and so on


Service Process


Service Fee


  • Unit Price is only for reference, Specific charges are based on the data and analysis, for more details please contact us at
  • The prepaid deposit is 70% of the total amount. For the data analysis service, we provide formal contract and invoice.
  • Usually we submit the results in 7-10 working days, in addition to the sophisticated or specifically projects, we may take more time.
  • If you are successful in publish the article and thanks to the Biosci Data Analysis Service in the article, after verification, we will return 25% data analysis service fee.

Biosci Data Analysis Service

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