Large dataset/ Big data

Large dataset/ Big data has the following characteristics:

  1. Very large, distributed aggregations of loosely structured data – often incomplete and inaccessible:
  2. Petabytes/exabytes of data
  3. Millions/billions of people
  4. Billions/trillions of records
  5. Loosely-structured and often distributed data
  6. Flat schemas with few complex interrelationships
  7. Often involving time-stamped events
  8. Often made up of incomplete data
  9. Often including connections between data elements that must be probabilistically inferred,
  10. Applications that involved Big-data
  11. Transactional
  12. Analytic


Shared genetic aetiology of the relationship between cognitive ability and cardiovascular disease risk factors

ASreml was used to evaluate the large dataset from pedigree-based crosssectional study of 1983 Scottish families (6086 individuals)

Linear mixed model and animal model were fitted by ASreml.

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M. Luciano, G. David Batty and others,Intelligence, Volume 38, Issue 3, 2010, Pages 304–313.